We are committed to the environment and to you. The essence of our brand is sustainability through simple, kind to nature, beautiful and versatile designs. For us, sustainability is about creating and evolving while using all our resources in a responsible way. Our actions, habits and choices are shaping the future and we are responsible of making sustainable development a reality.

How we actively assure a better and more sustainable future:

  • 80% of our items are “custom made”, in order to avoid mass production and minimize waste;
  • solely using natural materials for our designs; firstly because are kinder to the earth, as they require less resources to be produced (e.g water, energy, etc), but at the same time due to their durability and gentle feel. Items made out of linen, wool or hemp, if properly taken care of, can be worn for many years.
  • Encouraging mindful and responsible consumption habits
  • Caring for our community and supporting the local economy: our designs are manufactured in our own studio, or in small family owned workshops, in a collaborative work environment that assures fair wages and mutual growth;
  •  reducing waste as much as possible by reusing the fabric offcuts leftover in creating some of our accessories (for example our NOWASTE hair ties) or by donating them;
  • we only pack our products using paper and cardboard and we hope to completely give up plastic courier bags as soon as possible.

We would love to hear from you! Contact us anytime to ask a question, share your feedback or if you just want to chat about sustainable fashion. Find us here


With sustainability in mind through every step of the production, we use only natural fabrics for our collections, such as linen, wool, hemp, cotton, silk & TENCEL. Using only sustainable materials, we design “earth- friendly” items, with minimal environmental impact that can be worn for years, if properly cared for.