Welcoming Spring

Welcome the arrival of spring!

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VERLINNE is the 1st sustainable fashion brand in Romania. Our story has always been about our appreciation for natural materials. Combined with our care for people and for nature, we design items that are cherished and loved for years to come. It is our belief is that in a world of excess, simplicity brings us genuine joy.


Perfect items for at home relaxing moments!


Sustainable fashion, since 2016

“Enjoying life is the greatest art”

We value the art of enjoying life in a conscious and meaningful way. Which is why our items are perfect for everyday wear, but still maintain that stylish, subtle and sophisticated look. Timeless, easy to wear and combine, if properly cared for, our clothes will have a place in your wardrobe for years to come.

We use solely natural materials due to their sustainability and durability over time, but also because they feel amazing when worn. We fell in love with the touch of natural silk, the texture of premium linen and the top quality off our natural fabrics, and we are so

  happy that you now choose to enjoy their features through our products.