Verlinne is the 1st Romanian sustainable fashion brand, which is why we consciously passionately strive to be a positive change within the fast-paced fashion industry.

Born out of the desire to create versatile, timeless pieces of clothing from only natural materials, Verlinne is more than a business. It is a platform that allows us to express ourselves and empower you, through our items that gently embrace your body, connect you with the environment and bring you joy.

Our story is, above all, about care for people and our planet.



Our belief is that we can (re)discover beauty in simplicity. In a fast-paced world where consumerism is daily habit, it can be simplicity that brings us genuine joy. We encourage conscious and responsible usage of resources and we want every item that comes out of our workshops to bring you comfort, confidence, freedom of movement, all while shaping a more sustainable future.


We want you to feel good, feminine and confident. Which is why we create versatile items that are easy to match and wear, and give you freedom to express your femininity, in any style you want. Carefully manufactured from high quality & durable materials, our clothes are made to last and to be loved for years. 


With sustainability in mind through every step of the production, we use only natural fabrics for our collections, such as linen, wool, hemp, cotton, silk & TENCEL. Using only sustainable materials, we design “earth- friendly” items, with minimal environmental impact that can be worn for years, if properly cared for.