Cookie usage policy

Our cookie module usage policy presents the types of cookie modules and other similar tracking technologies that we and our partners apply when you visit or use the site

  1. What is a cookie mode?

A cookie ("browser cookie", "HTTP cookie" or "internet cookie") is a small file, consisting of letters and figures, which can be stored on the user terminal (computer, mobile or other equipment from which the Internet is accessed). The cookie is installed at the request of a web server to a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari) and is completely passive (does not contain software programs, viruses or spyware and cannot access information from the hard disk of the user). The duration of a cookie is determined.

Cookie modules are considered standard for most current browsers and are widely used both to make it possible to provide online services and increase their efficiency, as well as to provide information to the providers of these services about your experiences. while browsing the site. The moment you use these online services again, your browser. send previously stored cookies back to the online service. In this way, the online service recognizes and remembers important information about you. which helps you to personalize and facilitate the experience that it offers you, for example, by retaining your saved preferences.

We and our partners also use other technologies, including data stored on your browser. web or on your device, identifiers associated with your device. and other software applications for similar purposes. These include the following:

-Pixel labels: "Pixel labels" (called web markers or pixels) are small cod e files installed on (or required by) a web page, an e mail address, an application or an advertisement that collects certain information about your device and browser. and how you interact with them. This information includes, for example, the type of device, the operating system, the type and version of the browser, the web site visited, the time of visit, the website that redirected you, the IP address, if you have opened an e mail or clicked on an advertisement and other similar information, including the small text file (cookie module) using which identifies the device. By means of pixel labels, certain third-party companies can set and read cookies from an area they have not covered and can collect information about visitors to that area, usually with the permission of the domain owner.

Local storage: This generally refers to other locations in a browser or device where information can be stored by websites, advertisements or third party companies (e.g. local storage and browser cache memory of HTML5).

Device Identifiers: We may also collect your address. IP, unique device identifier or create a unique device fingerprint (this is a unique combination of various information on the device so that we can identify it) to identify your device. Then it is possible to use this information in a similar way to cookies modules.

In this policy, we refer to all these similar technologies and technologies as'cookie modules'. These technologies can be used to recognize the moment your device. perform operations. For example, they can recognise the time when you visit pages on our website or on other sites, use parts of an application or open emails that we send you or link to technologies.

  1. Why cookies are used on the Site

This automatic data storage technology is used to collect information such as: browser type, operating system etc. We use cookies to improve the use and functionality of our website and to better understand how visitors use it.

Our cookies allow the timely identification of users who have visited our site without compromising personal data. To provide you with the best services, we will use both "permanent" and "session cookies".

Permanent cookies serve to provide you with better navigation on our website.

Disabling these cookies does not affect the possibility of using the site.

The data stored in the session cookies are valid only for your current visit and offers the possibility to use the full services available on our website.

Although the cookies used by the Site change from time to time, as we improve and update the Site, they generally fall into the following categories of use:

  1. a) The strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for the provision of services specifically requested by visitors to websites. In their absence, websites cannot function and cannot provide the services requested.

  1. b) Cookie modules needed to improve performance

Preferences: We use cookies that help us store certain information about your choices and preferences, such as region, language or display settings, and what you have seen or done on the Site, to improve your experien ce. use of the Site. We can also use cookies to store information about your settings. preferred audio or video (e.g. text size, font, resolution, etc.). This helps us to show you appropriate options when you visit the Site again and to offer you a personalized browsing experience.

Many of the above features can work without these cookies. However, your experience. may be suffering and it may be necessary to specify your preferences for each individual visit.

  1. c) Analysis and research: We use cookies to collect information about how you interact with the Site, thus contributing to understanding and analysing how you use it, to improve it. For example, they help us understand and analyse which pages are the most visited and identify the problems you might encounter. In other words, they allow us to discover and analyze certain patterns of use of the Site, to analyze general traffic and to understand how you interact with the Site.

Sometimes it is possible to work with certain partners in order to better understand and analyse how you interact with the Site; they can store cookies for analysis and research on our behalf. For example, we use third party analysis providers, such as Google Analytics, to help us evaluate and report the use of the Site. These companies can set up and read their own tracking technologies to collect information about your activities. online.

In the absence of these cookies, your experience may suffer.

  1. d) Advertising cookies modules

Advertising, perspective and measurement: We and our partners use cookies to collect information about your visit. and how you use the Site to advertise for companies and other organisations that we or our partners think may be relevant to you. when using the Site, but not only. This is done according to your use. our website and other websites. For example, we and our partners can have an opinion about you. depending on what you have viewed on other sites and we use it to show you advertisements considered relevant to you. These types of advertisements are called "interest-based advertisements". We and our partners use cookies and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. For example, we and our partners use cookies to record whenever an advertisement is displayed and to measure how often users click or view advertisements. We work with third parties that set their own cookies for this purpose. For example, our advertising partners may use cookie modules to provide you with personalised advertising according to preferences expressed during the use of the Site or other online services operated by third parties, to determine whether you have ever seen a particular advertisement (thus preventing its reaffirmation), as well as in other legitimate business purposes.

It is possible for us and our partners to correlate any of the information we collect through cookies and other technologies (such as browser history):

-with the information you provide; and

-with information that we obtain from other sources, including from online and offline data providers (such as demographic and interest-based data); and

-when you agree to it in accordance with your settings. of confidentiality on social sites, with information that we obtain from social sites (such as those relating to your use. your website or your posts, messages or comments. from that website).

Another classification between cookies is based on their source: primary cookies or third party cookies. Primary cookies are created by the site you visit, and third parties are created by a site other than the one you visit. Site allows third party cookies only from websites approved by the company.

  1. Who puts cookies on my device?

As an operator of the Site, the company can store cookies on your device. These cookies are the so-called "own cookies modules". It is also possible for one of our partners to place certain cookies on your device when you use the Site (e.g. when you visit a page with embedded content, for example, from YouTube or Facebook, or social network widgets such as the "I like" Facebook button). They are called third party cookies modules and are used to provide us with services to ourselves and others.

We do not have control over third party cookies and, because of their functioning, we cannot access them either. Cookie modules can only be accessed by the company that created them. In this respect, please read our partners'privacy policies to ensure that you agree with how they use cookies.

  1. How can I manage cookies?

You can reconfigure the level of confidentiality you want from your browser to block all cookies; however, this could seriously affect your browsing experience as many web pages may not work properly. The browser can allow you to delete all cookies after closing. However, this option leads to the deletion of permanent cookies that could store your customized preferences and settings on the websites you regularly visit. However, you can keep the cookies you want, because your browser can allow you to specify which websites always have or never have permission to use cookies.

You can find further details on how you can delete cookies or how you can manage cookies on different Internet browsers by accessing the links below:

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer

Cookie settings in Firefox

Cookie settings in Chrome

Cookie settings in Safari web.

To learn more about how to disable Google Analytics monitoring (which uses cookies and your IP address), click here.

  1. Policy updates

Occasionally, we can change our confidentiality policy to reflect technological, legislative or operational changes, as well as for any other reason that we consider necessary or appropriate. Any such changes will enter into force upon the publication of the updated policy. We advise you to consult the above mentioned "date of entry into force" frequently to ensure that you are up to date with the latest policy update and to better understand the nature of your interactions. with the Site.

  1. More information

If you have any questions about this policy or our confidentiality practices, please contact us at: