All Verlinne products are made from natural materials. We use linen, wool, hemp, cotton, silk, Tencel in the production of clothing. They are natural and sustainable materials. The pieces created from them, properly maintained, can be worn for years. All these fabrics have properties that make them much more suitable for the skin than synthetic materials and wearing pieces made of such materials is a real treat for the body.


Linen is one of the most suitable materials for the skin. The linen fabric is perfect for the warm season, but it can be worn and successfully adapted to some outfits for the cold season. The linen we use is produced in Europe, is soft, high quality, has a naturally crinkled look and is very durable.


Organic cotton is more sustainable than non-organic cotton because its production is more sustainable. We use GOTS certified organic cotton, which is the international standard for organic fabrics.


Wool is a renewable and sustainable material. Pieces made of wool, properly maintained, can be worn for many years. Wool fibers have extraordinary properties because wool naturally contains lanolin and keratin, both of which have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Depending on the type of product we want to create, we use both Romanian wool and wool processed in other countries. We are delighted when we find undyed and soft wool and we always strive to have the best suppliers to ensure the highest quality yarn.


Every natural fabric feels great on the skin, but fabrics containing hemp give a special sensation. In addition, hemp fiber is very resistant, several times even more resistant than cotton, and therefore products made from hemp can be real treasures, to be kept even from one generation to another. Our hemp products are most often created from soft, medium density fabrics, fabrics produced in the vast majority of them in Europe.


Natural silk is also one of the most resistant materials. Silk fabrics are lightweight, breathable, hypoallergenic and feel great on the skin. We choose 100% natural silk fabrics but also fabrics in
mixed compositions (silk with organic cotton, silk and hemp, etc.) because many times these fabrics surprise us with their extraordinary textures.


Sustainability is about creating and developing ourselves using resources (material and human) in a responsible way. Each of us can contribute to this sustainable development through our actions, habits and choices. At Verlinne, we strive to "tick off" as many characteristics as possible that define a sustainable fashion brand.